Discover the Qivalon Cloud in-depth.


Discover the Qivalon Cloud in-depth.

Product data sheets

Explore comprehensive information on all modules of the Qivalon Cloud in our data sheets. Whether you're interested in detecting diesel fraud, saving fuel costs, or efficiently reporting CO2 emissions, the data sheets demonstrate how the Qivalon Cloud can help you achieve these goals.

Dieselinspector (PDF, 554 KB)

Fuel Optimizer (PDF, 558 KB)

CO2-Reporter (PDF, 386 KB)

Case study

Gain First-Hand Feedback on Qivalon Products. Discover our case studies, where customers share their experiences on how the Qivalon Cloud helped them derive valuable insights from existing data, enabling them to automate refueling control and more.

J.S. Logistics is using Dieselinspektor for their consumption analysis (PDF, 140 KB)


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